AI for Beginners Book Cover

AI for Beginners

by Bradley Burdell

Audio-Narration by Kevin Welch

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Artificial Intelligence for The Rest of Us

This fun and easy-to-read "AI for Beginners" book is a comprehensive guide covering the basics of artificial intelligence. It provides practical, hands-on tips for getting started with your own beginners AI projects as well as developing side-hustles to earn extra income. The book is written for beginners who want to learn AI and have little to no prior knowledge of artificial intelligence. AI for Beginners is designed to help you have that "ah-hah" moment of your own.

The first chapter of "AI for Beginners"" gives you a broad overview of artificial intelligence and explains what it is, why it's important, and what it can be used for. Chapter 2 covers the basics of machine learning and deep learning. Chapter 3 gives you information about AI models and discusses improving them with data preprocessing and feature engineering and why that is important. In chapter 4, the book explores interacting with AI through natural-language-processing (NLP) and computer-vision, while chapter 5 delves into being creating with AI through generative models and their applications.

Chapter 6 explores the creative potential of AI, from art to music to writing, and chapter 7 covers monetizing AI by finding business opportunities and revenue stream options. Chapter 8 covers AI in various industries such as healthcare, finance, automotive and more. In chapter 9, we talk about ethical considerations and responsible AI practices.

Chapter 10 explores building your own AI test-lab project and you'll find the resources to do it right here on this site. Chapter 11 looks at the future of AI and its potential impact on society. Chapter 12 concludes with the next steps for entrepreneurs and businesses in the AI space with a view of what is on the horizon and coming soon.

Overall, my "AI for Beginners" book is aimed at curious people who want to wrap their heads around the excitement and technology of the AI industry; it is meant to help you simplify and harness the power of AI for your own creativity and innovation. I wrote it to help members of my family like my Wife, my Mom, and my children so that they could understand the basics, keep up with the advancements, and use it to better their own lives. Furthermore, the book is meant to stimulate ideas and get you rolling to start your own side hustles. You'll get a valuable overview of the technology, its capabilities, and its potential uses, as well as real-world examples and practical advice for using AI for the betterment of yourself and the rest of us.